The Disco Era of the 1970s

When you think of the musical influences of the 1970s, you can’t help but think of disco if you were alive during this time in the United States. Disco was a funky new style of music that took the country by storm and changed the face of music forever. While the disco era didn’t last very long (it was over, for the most part, by the early 1980s), few other genres of music have had such an influence on American culture than disco did.

The Era of Disco

There were numerous artists who made it big during the short-lived era of disco, with Donna Summers being among one of the first and most successful female disco artists. In fact, this era saw the emergence of what many people referred to as “disco divas,” or female disco artists.

As far as male disco artists go, perhaps one of the most well-known disco artists of the era was Va McCoy. He was the one responsible for the ever-popular (and still-remembered) song known as “The Hustle.” Another popular disco group during the 1970s was The Bee Gees. Unfortunately, when the disco era inevitably died out at the end of the decade and The Bee Gees tried to recreate themselves as a rock band, they were so deeply associated with disco that they were never really able to regain popularity in another genre.

Resurgence of Rock

While disco music was certainly the highlight of music in the 1970s, it’s also worth noting that it was during this decade that hard rock and heavy metal gained massive popularity across the United States. Bands such as Boston, Foreigner, and Styx emerged with a style that was both new and progressive. Songs such as Styx’s “Come Sail Away” topped the charts, and the popularity of these rock groups continued well into the 1980s as well.