Rock n’ Roll in the 1950s

The 1950s were a good year for music in general. However, in the United States, rock n’ roll was the genre that was sweeping the nation and changing people’s views on music as a whole. For many people alive in this era, rock n’ roll was a controversial genre; some believed it too be too risque, while the younger generation tended to enjoy it. Today, rock n’ roll is still widely respected and many songs and artists of the 1950s are still celebrated.

The Beginnings of Rock n’ Roll

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is credited with being the birthplace of rock n’ roll, as it was actually here in the 1950s that the term was first coined by a performer.

One of the most popular rock n’ roll artists of the 1950s (and perhaps one of the biggest musical artists of all time) was Elvis Presley. Women all across the nation and the globe instantly fell in love with Elvis’ charm, music, and even his suggestive dance moves while on the stage.

However, Elvis wasn’t the only artist who enjoyed great fame in the 1950s as a result of the rock n’ roll boom. Another musician and songwriter known as Bobby Darin gained a high level of fame in the 1950s as well. He was known for a number of songs that are still well liked today, including his first hit “Splish Splash,” and other upbeat songs such as “Beyond the Sea,” “That’s All,” and “Mack the Knife.”

Other Popular Genres

Of course, while rock n’ roll certainly dominated the musical landscape of the 1950s, there were other genres that remained successful throughout the decade as well. Jazz, blues, and country musicians continued to sell out shows and produce popular music, a trend that managed to continue for many more decades to come long after the 1950s.