British Invasion of the 1960s

Rock n’ roll continued to be popular well into the 1960s, though it is also worth noting that there began to be spin-offs of rock n’ roll. Specifically, other forms of rock began to emerge during the 1960s, such as pop rock, progressive rock, soft rock, and many more. However, rock n’ roll still remained popular until the 1970s, when disco finally took over. It came back again in the 80s and still remains a popular genre today. However, what really characterized music in the 1960s was the so-called British Invasion.

The British Invasion

In the early 1960s, rock had become a very popular genre in the UK. Bands such as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones were already enjoying a high level of success and were even selling out major concert venues. However, towards the end of 1962, the popularity of these bands began to spread further than anybody could have ever imagined it would. This end result was the massive British Music Invasion of the 1960s.

Perhaps the most popular band that made its way overseas to the United States and around the rest of the globe was The Beatles. Their style was rock with a bit of infused pop, rhythm, soul, and blues. American audiences loved this sound and The Beatles immediately became among the most popular and successful musical groups the world had ever seen.

Sadly, the British Invasion also ended the careers of many American groups and musicians. For instance, the teen idol stars of the 1950s began to see decreased attendance at shows and an overall loss of interest as many Americans jumped on the British music bandwagon. The popularity of music from this era–especially that of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones–is still quite prominent today, even though the bands have long since broken up and stopped touring for the most part.