3 Ways To Incorporate Virginia Beach Art In Your Homeschool Curriculum

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One part of homeschooling that you may try to focus on is state-specific history and details. Though you know you want to put a focus on the history of your state, you may also find that other parts of Virginia are equally as import, like the art. If you are trying to figure out a way to incorporate Virginia and Virginia Beach art into your homeschool curriculum, consider the following methods that may work for you. Beach Trips One of the easiest ways to bring your children into a the Virginia Beach art scene are beach trips. You can bring them and have them make their own art with beach sand, photographs, and even digital art designs. This allows your children to enjoy the area, see the art that others are creating on the beach with sand castles and images, as well as extend their creativity. If you are looking for a hands-on way to bring the art of Virginia and Virginia Beach to your child’s Virginia state focused curriculum, then this is an ideal option. Art Show Field Trips As a homeschool teacher you likely already incorporate field trips of some sort into your curriculum plans. These trips will likely focus on things like the zoo or science museums and businesses. If you want to incorporate the art scene into your curriculum then consider taking some field trip outings to the many art shows that are held throughout the year. These art shows will allow your children to see the art that is current in Virginia and see areas that they may not be able to view on their own, but can through the art work of others. If you can’t make a show, look at art magazines, like Distinction Magazine. Museum Showings Going to the museum is something you likely will think of as the first way to bring the art of Virginia and Virginia Beach into your child’s life and curriculum. You should consider having it go further and the idea of taking in museum showings from local artists and special showings. These are held throughout the year and can bring a special touch, especially if the showing is themed specifically on a Virginia topic or area, to the curriculum. Make sure to have your children talk about what they see and how it effects their viewpoints of other artists they’ve seen in art shows and beach trips. These are just three of the ways you can incorporate the art of Virginia and Virginia Beach into your child’s homeschooling curriculum. Remember, to use the art to bring together history and other aspects of the curriculum as well. This will help tie it all in and help your child remember artists names, locations, and more of the state’s history as well....

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Five Can’t-Miss Summer Music Festivals

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For music lovers, few things are better than catching your favorite band’s sound floating through the air on a summer night. And with the summer of 2015 just around the corner, you can’t help but salivate at the amazing music festivals set to kick off on stages from one side of the continent to the other. Whether you’re into R&B, classic rock, pop, country or enjoy hitting festivals that showcase a wide range of sounds, it’s time to buy some tickets, pack your bags and hit the road. Here’s a look at some of the summer festivals you won’t want to miss. Roots Picnic / May 30 / Philadelphia, PA If you’re looking for a one-day festival that packs plenty of musical punch, do your best to get to the City of Brotherly Love for the Roots Picnic. This annual festival, now in its eighth year, has a lineup that includes The Roots, A$AP Rocky, Erykah Badu, The Weeknd and the legendary Afrika Bambaataa, among other artists. The Governors Ball / June 5 to 7 / New York City, NY Try as you might, it could be difficult to find a summer music festival with a lineup that’s more varied than The Governors Ball in NYC. While much of the crowd will flock to see the likes of Drake, The Black Keys, Deadmau5 and Lana Del Rey, other notable acts include Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Bjork, Death From Above 1979, The Decemberists and Weird Al Yankovic. Amnesia Rockfest / June 18 to 21 / Montebello, QC, Canada If you don’t mind venturing north of the border, the heavy rhythms of Amnesia Rockfest will have your eardrums pounding. This annual festival is the largest in Canada, and features a jaw-dropping lineup of acts that span several genres. On this year’s bill are Linkin Park, System of a Down, Rancid, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Snoop Dogg, Tenacious D and The Offspring. Thunder on the Mountain / June 26 to 28 / Ozark, AR Acoustic guitars ringing through the night air cap off a perfect summer for country music fans, and you can expect Thunder on the Mountain to deliver in 2015. Headlined by enormous acts such as the Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry and Big & Rich, this festival also features the Eli Young Band, Sara Evans and Big Smo. Summerfest / June 24 to July 5 / Milwaukee, WI Summerfest is one of those events that, regardless of where your musical preferences lie, you’ll find something you enjoy. The 11-day festival boasts more than 800 acts and is home to such varied names as Buddy Guy, Ed Sheeran, Florida Georgia Line, Gary Clark, Jr., Jane’s Addiction, Lupe Fiasco, Martina McBride, Public Enemy, and Whitesnake. Contact The Correspondent for more information on upcoming...

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Holding Your Annual Company Meeting On A Corporate Yacht Charter

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If you are in charge of finding a location to hold your company’s annual meeting, you are most likely looking for somewhere elegant and unique. Consider holding your annual meeting on a yacht! This is a fun way to have your fellow employees get away while going over the upcoming year’s goals. Here are some of the benefits your company will enjoy on a corporate yacht charter. Atmosphere The atmosphere the corporation will enjoy when getting on a yacht will be mystical while luxurious. The aura will be one that holds the mystery of being out on an expensive boat while making each member feel like an important piece of the company. Yachts are known to give off the feeling of wealth, giving all employees the feeling that something great is about to come. It gives the feeling of power and will have them ready to discuss company business. Comfort Yachts will have your fellow employees’ comfort in mind. If you wish to have a weekend event, guests can be accommodated with sleeping quarters with large king sized beds and the best linens. Turn-down service, room service, and all the amenities you would have at a five-star hotel would also be available on a yacht.  Amenities would also include features that are needed to conduct business such as WiFi, telephone service and email service. This allows employees to continue with a “business as usual” approach while enjoying the sights and sounds away from the office environment. Team Building If you have a large corporation, having a fleet of yachts leave port in tandem. When at dock, company members will be able to visit other yachts to meet with other employees. Host some fun company games to give employees a chance to mingle with others will having some competition on the water. Meeting Areas Yachts have large meeting rooms available to hold important discussions during the event. These are quiet, large rooms with comfortable seating to allow employees to bring the office with them in order to get some business-work accomplished while away.  Entertainment Hire a few acts to help entertain guests on the yacht to lighten up the mood during the event. Musical acts, inspirational speakers and comedians are popular choices when holding an annual company event. They will leave your guests with a positive attitude and high spirits, giving the opportunity to increase production since employees will have heightened morale. Contact a company like Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise to get started planning your next corporate...

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Making It Personal: How To Handle The First Valentine’s Day Of A New Relationship

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Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is coming, but what should you do? If you’re in a relatively new relationship with someone, the first Valentine’s Day of your relationship can present a real problem. You don’t want to ignore the holiday, but you also don’t want to go overboard. New relationships can be intense, but they’re also full of uncertainty, and you don’t want to scare that special someone off with a gift that’s too elaborate or expensive. Instead, consider using a personalized card to demonstrate your feelings. Not Your Ordinary Greeting Card Unlike standard greeting cards, Valentine’s Day cards have a long tradition of striving to be original and specific to the recipient. As far back as the 1700’s, the cards were elaborately made, and contained a language of their own, full of poetry and and symbolism. Each card was hand-made and time consuming to produce, and cards contained everything from original poems and puzzles to mirrors and locks of hair. By the time the late 1900’s, however, Valentine’s Day cards were largely mass produced and impersonal. Now, the trend has moved back toward making an effort to tailor your card to the recipient. The actual cost of the card is fairly small (especially if you compare it to some of the pricey jewelry that’s marketed toward Valentine’s Day) but the effort that you put into making it personal is part of the gift. That’s what makes the emotional value of the card so much higher than its monetary value. Ways To Make A Valentine’s Day Card Meaningful There are a lot of ways to make the first Valentine’s Day card of your relationship extra meaningful, aside from just adding in someone’s name. Try the following: add a photo or a small collage of photos. Pick your first “selfie” together for a stand alone photo or put a collage of photos together that shows where you met, your favorite places to visit, your favorite restaurant, and so on. add a quote about love or romance, a famous love poem, a sonnet, or the lyrics from a song. find a card that allows you to add music and add a song that means something special to you both. look for card manufacturers that provide “suggestion” books with quotes and romantic verses that you can use to personalize the card (a tradition which goes back to England in the 1700’s). The real beauty of personalized greeting cards is that it takes a little pre-planning – you can’t just grab the gift at the gas station on your way over for dinner. That shows that you’re thinking about the person even when he or she isn’t around, and adds sincerity to your romantic...

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4 Ways To Find The Right Beat That Matches The Rhythm Of Your Lyrics

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Finding the right rap beat for your lyrics can become a time-consuming and frustrating process. This is in contrast to when you write your lyrics to a particular beat. In that case, you already have the flow and cadence to match the beat. Here are a few ways you can find the right beat to match your lyrics. 1. Write to an Industry Beat then Find Its Match You can write your lyrics to an industry beat. Of course, you cannot record and sell your music on another’s copyrighted beat. But you can use the beat to figure out just how you want your lyrics and overall song to sound. Once you understand that, you can then go to a site that has instrumentals and rap beats for sale. You can then try to find a sound that evokes the feel of the industry beat you used to build your song. 2. Sample the Producer’s Beats Many producers that sell beats online will allow you to listen to snippets or even the whole the beat before you make a purchase. From these samplings, you can practice your lyrics beat by beat until you find one that clicks. Even if you like certain aspects of the beat, you can ask the producer for a modified version that suits you better. Not all grant such requests, but many do, especially if you’re purchasing an exclusive license. 3. Make Your Own Beat While it’s not the easiest thing in the world, you can try your hand at making your own beat. This will give you a lot more flexibility. That flexibility will allow you to create the song you want. You can shape the beat around your lyrics rather than force your lyrics to conform to the beat. However, beat making isn’t easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart. There are many free tools that can help you get started. A simple search can point you towards software, video tutorials, and other information on starting with music production. Even if you find that you’re terrible at making your own beats, you can use it as a guideline for finding a more professional beat for your song. Some producers will listen to something you made as a reference for crafting a professional, exclusive beat for you. 4. Lease in Bulk, then Narrow Your Choices Many beat producers offer two ways to purchase rap beats and other instrumentals. Leasing – Leasing offers limited rights to the beat. You can typically use it, give away music you make with it, and do anything else. The only caveat is that you usually cannot use it commercially or you can but in very limited amounts. Exclusive – Exclusive rights mean that you own the beat outright. It’s generally more expensive, but once you own the beat, it’s yours to do with as you please. You can lease many beats at once and use them as a test bed to see which ones work best for you. The ones that you like most you can buy exclusively. These terms can vary by producer and site, so make sure you read what the producer is offering very carefully. Anyway you choose to do it, just make sure that you get your lyrics matched to a beat that...

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4 Unique Reasons To Throw A Party

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Do you love entertaining guests? Is there nothing you love more than dancing and laughing the night away with your friends–no matter the occasion? You don’t need to wait for the next birthday or major holiday to host special events. If you are a party animal, you probably are looking for a fun and unique reason to hold the event of the year at your home. Don’t wait until your sister’s engagement or your neighbor’s job promotion. Spice up your party life all year round with these lesser-known party ideas. 1. Maslenitsa Maslenitsa is a Slavic holiday (think Russia or Ukraine). It is celebrated the week before Lent and symbolizes the end of winter. Religiously, it is the last week that dairy products are allowed. So how should you celebrate? Invite your friends over to play in the snow. Hire a horse-drawn carriage. Make bliny, or Russian crepes. If you live in the country or an area where it’s acceptable, finish your party with a bonfire, where you can burn an effigy of the Maslenitsa maiden. This holiday is very similar to Mardi Gras. 2. Valentine’s Day Although many people look at Valentine’s Day as a night to eat a romantic dinner with your significant other, it can be a great reason to throw a huge party–especially if you are single! Even if you are in a committed relationship, look at it as a way to share your love with everyone in your life. Decorate with candles and hearts, play romantic music, and extend the love to everyone. You could even host a dating game to set up your single friends. If your budget is big enough, hire a videographer to run a “kiss cam.” 3. Ides of March If you’ve never heard of the Ides of March, you need to brush up on your Shakespeare or Roman history! March 15 was originally a Roman holiday and then became infamous as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. Although Caesar should have taken more care to “beware the Ides of March,” there’s no reason you should! Instead of sitting at home alone, host a toga party. Watch a film version of Shakepeare’s Julius Caesar or–if you’re feeling really ambitious–reenact it yourself.  4. Cinco de Mayo Originally celebrating the defeat of the French army, Cinco de Mayo has come to be recognized internationally as a day for honoring Mexican history and culture. But you don’t have to be Mexican to celebrate it. Hire a mariachi band and learn traditional Mexican dances. Serve Mexican food, such as enchiladas or chips and salsa. Learn some basic Spanish words. Most importantly, have fun experiencing and honoring Mexico’s colorful culture. When celebrating any holiday, especially from a different culture, be careful not to be offensive. Still, there are many ways to brighten up any time of the year with a creative party or event. Whether you do everything on your own, talk to an event planner, or delegate to your friends, any day is a good day for a...

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Can You Design Your Own Tattoo?

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Are you an artistic person? Do you love to draw or come up with concepts for designs? If you do, then you might want to design your own tattoo. It is very easy. You can get a tattoo artist to help collaborate with you on your design or you can even have them use your own sketch. What’s The Difference Between A Custom Tattoo and Other Tattoos? When you walk into a tattoo parlor you will see sample tattoos on the wall. Often times there will also be flip-books that are filled with photos of tattoos. These are called flash tattoos. If you see an image you like, then you can have the tattoo artist replicate it exactly. However, you can also have the image customized to your liking. For example, suppose you want a tattoo of a heart with thorns around it. You see something on the wall of a tattoo parlor that is very similar to that image. But, you would prefer the thorns be thicker, or the heart be bigger. Well, that’s where tattoo customization comes in. You can work with the tattoo artist to alter the image to your liking. Can You Get Completely Original Tattoos? Yes. Tattoo artists are able to help you with an original design. If you have sketched an idea, then they can use that as a basis for creating a finished product. If you have a complete drawing that you want, then they can transfer it to a trace paper and use that to make the tattoo. The most common method used when getting a custom tattoo is to bring in a sketch and then hand that over to the tattoo artist. The tattoo artist will then recreate the image on trace paper. You will discuss the color variations and other finer points. Do You Need To Be An Artist In Order To Design Your Own Tattoo? No. It is helpful if you are able to sketch out an idea, but you don’t have to. Tattoo artists are always looking to create something new. No one likes doing repetitive work, and it’s no different for tattoo artists. So, when someone comes in looking for a unique idea, tattoo artists are happy to help. While you don’t have to sketch, it is helpful to have a clear idea of what you want. The more detail you can give the artist, the better they can match your idea. Sometimes it is helpful to bring in photos of artwork you like or pictures from magazines that have a similar look to the tattoo you want. Anything that can help the tattoo artist visualize your concept is something you should bring...

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