Got Game? How To Show It To The World

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If you love video games, and you have some mad gaming skills, you are not alone. If you also are a self-proclaimed expert at a particular game, game series and/or platform, you might want to show others how to play something like a pro. Tips and tricks are a great way to show off what you can do, what you know and share your love of gaming. Here are some ways in which you can do that. YouTube Videos Everybody and anybody with a video camera or phone camera can shoot amateur video and share it on YouTube. This, and a few other video sharing websites, can set the stage for your daily broadcast of gaming expertise. You can even set up your own channel for others to access, either for free or paid viewing. Your Personal Gaming “Vlog” Other people have blogs on the web, and some even do “vlogs.” Essentially, you do the same thing as you would for video sharing sites, except that you have your very own website with your own domain name and address. A vlog needs constant maintenance and updates, not just video posts and updates about your favorite games and game systems. For this reason, it is not typically a preferred method of sharing your gaming expertise unless you approach your vlog like it is a full-time job. Live Video Game Streaming Live video game streaming allows you to set up a date and time for live video game streaming of your play. You promote it and invite others to watch, and invite them to invite others to watch. Everyone has to login with a special passcode to watch you play and comment live. There are also some video game streaming sites that allow you to accept challenges from other players, play head-to-head, and stream your game for others to watch. Video Game Forums and Clubs Via Your Internet-Connected Game System Video game systems, such as Playstation and Xbox, are connected to the internet and a wide variety of gamer sites and gamer forums. If you join these clubs and sites through your game system, you can easily record your game play and voice-over comments, then upload the videos to these sites/club pages. Many times, these game systems offer live action contests and challenges, which allow players to view and vote on their favorite tips and tricks videos made by other players. The video game broadcast voting is one definite way of gaining recognition for your gaming skills and abilities. Check out sites like for more...

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Hire A Professional Party Planning Company To Plan The Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party For Your Daughter

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When your little girl turns sixteen, it is important to do everything in your power to throw her a sweet sixteen party that she will cherish for years to come. When you want to throw a top-notch party, it is best to hire a party planner to do all of the legwork for you. The following guide walks you through a few things that you and your daughter will have to consider before the party planner can start planning the party. Consider the Area Where You Want the Party to be Located You first need to decide where you want the party to be held. You do not have to choose the exact location, but you do need to narrow down a jurisdiction. You want to be sure that the planner knows which areas of town to avoid looking for a party location and which are at the top of your list. Consider How Many People Your Daughter Wants at the Party In order to choose the right location for the party, the planner needs to know how many people your daughter plans to have at the party. Be sure to include family members in the total headcount as well because all buildings have a maximum number of people that can be in the building at any time. People will be turned away at the door if the number of people exceeds the listed amount that is permissible in the venue that you choose, which can be very embarrassing. Consider a Theme for the Party Have your daughter choose a theme for the party. This will allow the planner to find decorations for the party to ensure that it has the look your daughter wants. Consider If You Want a Band or a DJ to Play Music If you plan to have people dance at the party, you need to consider if you want to have a band or a DJ play. A band will only be able to play a specific amount of songs during the party, whereas a DJ can play just about any song anyone could want. If you choose to have a DJ, be sure to specify that music containing vulgar words or innuendos should not be played during the party. Once the planner knows all of this information, he or she can start the planning process. They will run everything by you and your daughter before any final decisions are made. This ensures that you will both be happy with the results when the planning is complete. Your daughter will only turn sixteen once so it is important that everything is...

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Put Down The Controller: What You Need To Consider When Setting Video Game Time Limits

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If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your guests entertained at your next party or event, consider renting a gaming truck. Gaming trucks have everything you and your party guests for a little friendly competition. Choose from multiple consoles and a variety of great games while relaxing in a temperature controlled space. It is helpful to set time limits so that each guest gets a chance to play in the gaming truck. However, the time limits should be reasonable so that they promote, rather than hinder, gaming fun. Take into account the following items to make sure your time limits make sense. Whether or Not the Game Offers the Possibility for Online Play In addition to the single player option, some video games have the option for online multiplayer play. Once an online match starts, expect the match to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the game. Switching players during the middle of a match isn’t feasible for most games and can limit the players’ enjoyment. Instead, see that your time limits match up with the time required for online matches. Or, instead of a time restriction, you could limit players to playing one match at a time. Games with online play may have a waiting period to allow other players to join so that the match is as close to the maximum capacity as possible. If the game has this waiting period, add a couple of extra minutes to the playing time, or go with the match limit instead. Load Times Cut Into the Amount of Game Play When playing a video game, the load times decrease the amount of time that gamers are able to spend actually enjoying the game. This is especially true for games with the online multiplayer mode. Slow internet speeds and gaming network glitches also contribute to longer than normal load times. The Capacity of the Gaming Truck and the Estimated Attendance of Your Event You may have flashbacks of gaming as a child when you had to wait for what felt like an eternity for your sibling to finish so that you could have a turn. Fortunately, gaming trucks have revolutionized group gaming thanks to their large capacity. If the weather is nice at your event, you can even expand this capacity by hiring a gaming truck with the option for exterior play.  With so much space, you can institute longer playing limits, especially if no other guests are waiting to use the gaming truck. For more information on gaming trucks, check with companies like Out of Control...

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4 Amazing Reasons Investing In Concert Equipment Is A Great Idea For Your Religious Organization

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Are you a leader of a religious organization? Perhaps you have an important leadership role, but you may not be the final decision maker. Many religious organizations have various activities that aid in getting their message spread. The sound quality at services and outreach events is an integral part of the process. The following are a few reasons your religious organization should consider concert equipment. Durability If your organization has been replacing pieces of equipment on a regular basis, it may be because you are buying standard equipment. For example, a stereo microphone that will only be rarely used by amateurs is likely not going to be able to withstand the demands of a busy religious organization. Even if the equipment is only used for religious services, its standard quality will eventually fail, which may lead to repeated replacements. Concert equipment that fails prematurely will likely have a warranty to cover the cost of repairs or replacements. Scalable Systems Perhaps you have bought less than stellar equipment because your religious organization is struggling financially. You could opt to invest in a few pieces of quality equipment even if you have to buy them one at a time. If you choose a customizable system that can be purchased piece-by-piece, you can start with basic items such as microphones and speakers. As your organization grows, you may want to scale the system and add more expensive options such as CCTV.  Mobility If you have ever traveled to another religious event to speak as a guest or have your choir perform, you may have disliked their microphones or other audio equipment. Investing in concert equipment will allow you to literally “take your show on the road” because you can take your own equipment and set it up at the locations. Even if you only take your microphones, you can be assured that you will have access to equipment that you are comfortable using.  Rental Potential Are there expansion possibilities in your religious organization’s future? If so, better equipment should be viewed as an investment that will eventually pay for itself. The better your equipment sounds, the more likely people can hear, understand, and relate to your organization. This could mean more requests to perform or speak. You might also be able to rent out the equipment you have invested in to others who do not have quality equipment. For example, some religious organizations rent out space in their establishments, but they require the individuals who rent the space to bring their own sound equipment or pay a fee to use theirs. For more information, contact companies like Concert Sound and...

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Preparing Yourself For The Chills And Thrills Of A Haunted House Excursion

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If you heard about a great haunted house opening for the Halloween season in your area, and you have never gone to one in the past, getting yourself primed for the big event can be extremely helpful in getting through the building successfully. Many who have never gone in a haunted house before may be a bit apprehensive about the experience, especially if they startle easily. Here are some tips you can use to get yourself ready for a fun time sure to make you appreciate the hard work of those who pull the acts together inside a haunted house for public entertainment. Try Other Forms Of Horror Entertainment First If you are wary about your response to ghouls and goblins jumping out of the darkness inside a haunted house, consider watching some horror flicks on your own to see what type of reaction you have when you get caught off-guard. Reading spooky stories can also be beneficial in setting the mood for horror before you go to the haunted house for a walk through. Doing this for a few weeks before you head out to the Halloween house may help inspire you to look for similarities in the backdrops, settings, and acting skills inside. Bring Along Friends To Share The Experience Going to a haunted house with group of friends or family members is the best way to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Having a helping hand to hold onto or someone to comfort if they are scared will be appreciated by either party and most likely will be laughed about when the trip through the building is over. The excursion will have great photo or video opportunities before and after the walk through portion and you will enjoy bragging rights after your and your entourage make your way to the exit door. Dress The Part To Give You Added Courage If you are worried that someone in the haunted house will think your fear is funny, dress up in a scary outfit yourself to give you a bit of added braveness as you walk about the premises. Dressing in vampire garb, adding some fake blood to make yourself appear injured, or painting your face in its entirety so no one can read your expression at all will give you a boost of courage when going about your tour. It also gives you an air of intrigue that will interest others going into the haunted house as well....

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Avoid A Tragedy This Summer By Teaching Your Toddler To Swim Using These Three Pool Games

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The majority of drownings are toddlers under the age of five. This one fact only makes it even more important for parents to teach their toddlers to swim. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, especially around a pool. You can never be safe enough. When you teach your toddler to swim, you will not only be saving their life in the event of an accident, you will also be teaching them important safety rules when it comes to being around a body of water. It’s not hard to teach a toddler to swim. In fact, there are several games that you can play that will get them swimming and learning so they are pool safe and summer ready. Let’s Go Fishing! Let’s Go Fishing is an excellent way to strengthen your toddler’s arms and teach them how to use this strength to swim and stay afloat. If your toddler accidentally falls into a pool, they will need to use their arm muscles to keep them floating until you can reach them, so it’s very important that these muscles are developed. Place floating toys at the shallow end of the pool. Hold your toddler in the pool and have them try to catch the toys that are floating. Encourage them to move their arms through the water. While they are having a fun time splashing, they are actually developing the movements that are essential to swimming and floating. The Floating Motorboat One of the most important things to teach your toddler is the proper positions to be in should they fall into the pool while you are away. Have your toddler wrap their arms around you, so they are belly down in the water. Walk backwards. Walk slowly at first, then slowly speed up. This is getting your toddler used to being in the water. Once your child is comfortable in the water, help them kick their feet. One of the best ways to help them kick on their own is to tell them to splash the water with their feet. This not only teaches them proper swimming position, but you are also developing their leg strength. Making Fish Bubbles The next thing that you need to teach your toddler is how to control their breathing while in the water. This will not only teach them how to hold their breath if they become submerged in a pool of water, but it will also teach them to regulate their breathing. If they know how to regulate their breathing, they will be more likely to remain calm if they fall into a pool of water. This game is simple and fun. All you have to do is place your face under water and gently blow bubbles. Show your child how to do it until they begin to do it by themselves. Take turns doing this until your child gets the hang of it. Summertime should be full of fun memories, not tragic ones. With toddlers being high risk for drowning, it is imperative that you teach your child to swim at a very young age. By playing these simple water games with your child, you will teach them how to regulate their breathing and use their arms and legs should they fall into a pool when you are not...

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Host A Puppet Show And Dinner For Children Who You Teach In Preschool And Their Families

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If you are a preschool teacher and are going to treat your students to a puppet show and dinner in order to reward them for their hard efforts, the following ideas may help the event be successful. Invite the students and their parents and siblings to the event, and provide all of the attendees with an enjoyable time that will be appreciated. Set Up A Pleasant Seating Area For Guests To Relax Rent tables and chairs for guests from a party planning company to use while they are enjoying the puppet show that you have set up. Arrangements can be made with the rental company that you have chosen to have the furniture dropped off prior to the event. Place the tables and groups of chairs several feet apart and near the area where the show will be held so that everyone can clearly see it. Cover the tables with decorative tablecloths that depict similar puppets that are being used during the performance. Set the tables with brightly-colored cups, plates, and utensils that complement the tablecloths. Provide A Variety Of Food Items And Beverages Offer a buffet that contains several platters of food. Place the food across one, long table that is set up directly across the area where guests will be seated. Prepare the food items yourself or hire a professional caterer to assist you. Welcome the guests to eat their meals during the performance and encourage them to help themselves to more of any items that they enjoy. Once the show is over, remove and cover any leftover food and set out a couple types of desserts for the attendees to indulge in. If there is an overabundance of food leftover when the event has ended, prepare plates for guests to bring home with them or serve the items to the children on the next day of preschool.  Plan An Awards Ceremony End the get together with an awards ceremony. Purchase a package of blank certificates and fill in the names of the children and the award that they are being provided with before handing them out. Consider giving children awards for being kind to others, listening intently during class time, and mastering specific skills that you have been teaching. Make sure all of your students receive at least one award so that nobody will feel badly about being left out. The certificates can be framed and hung up by the parents of each student or placed in photo albums so that they can be shared with family members in the future.  If the event is a hit and everyone who attends it seems to have enjoyed themselves, plan another party in the future to reward the students who you...

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3 Considerations For Your Wedding Reception Venue

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After you and your new spouse exchange vows, it is time for the reception. Unfortunately, the memory of a beautiful wedding can be ruined with a bad reception. The venue for your reception plays a major role in how favorable guests view the event. When searching for the venue, here are some factors to keep in mind.  Is It Large Enough? When you are narrowing down your choices for the wedding reception halls, you will be given the room capacity for the venues. Never book a hall based solely on the estimated capacity. The capacity takes into account how many people can reasonably fit into the area. What it does not account for is everything else that goes with your wedding reception, such as the tables, DJ booth, and dance floor. Once you fit all of those items into the hall, the room for your guests can dramatically shrink. There are a couple of ways you can ensure you have enough room for your guests. One is to pull out your measuring tape and measure everything, including the tables and serving area.  An easier way is to ask the director of the reception hall if you can peek at a reception setup of comparable size. Be sure to select a reception that has as many guests as you plan to have.  Do the Colors Clash? You have probably spent a lot of time choosing just the right colors for your wedding and reception. Unfortunately, if the d├ęcor in the reception hall is very different from those colors, it can cause a conflict that takes away from the mood that you wanted to create.  To avoid this conflict, pay attention to the coloring of the flooring, walls, and curtains. If the colors are muted, then they most likely will not cause a clash. If they are bolder, consider contracting for a different venue.   What Amenities Are Available? As charming as you and your new spouse will be, your guests need more than just basic decorations to stay engaged in the festivities. Bored and unhappy guests tend to leave early. It is because of this, you need to ensure the venue you select has amenities available.  Amenities can include the standard fare, such as an on-site caterer and clean restrooms. It can also extend to more modern offerings, such as Wi-Fi and charging stations. If an amenity is not available, you can research the possibility of bringing it in temporarily for your reception or consider a new location.  For more ideas, talk to a professional like Azales Event...

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Four Tips To A Safer Happy Hour

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Throwing a fun happy hour doesn’t mean you can just forego all safety rules. In fact, a good host knows that a great party only ends once every guest has made it home safely. Anytime you have alcohol at the party, you want to be sure that everyone remains safe. When alcohol is around, the chances of someone drinking and getting behind the wheel can increase. This is a common problem as two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash at some time in their life, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To help avoid this from happening after your party, here are some guidelines to help you follow.  Have Plenty of Food Available Drinking on an empty stomach can cause your guests to get drunker, faster. To help reduce the chances of your guests getting too drunk, you want to be sure there are plenty of snacks available for them to consume. One study conducted by a team of Swedish researchers found that eating increased the rate of elimination of alcohol from the bloodstream by around 25%. Not only can drinking on an empty stomach help increase the amount of time it takes a person to get drunk, but it can also reduce the level of drunkenness a person gets. On top of providing food for your guests, you want to steer clear of too many salty snacks. Salt has a habit of causing people to become more thirsty, and they could end up drinking more.  Think About Designated Drivers When a few good people decide to volunteer to be the designated drivers, you want to be sure to keep them as comfortable as possible. While they may not be able to drink anything with alcohol in it, you can still help them to have a good time by providing them mocktails. These are fun drink combinations that resemble traditional cocktails but do not contain any alcohol. Experiment with some fun combinations to help provide your designated drivers something to enjoy.  Provide a Safe Place to Stay Not all guests will plan properly. The only true way to sober up after drinking is by waiting it out. The longer it has been since you have consumed alcohol, the more sober you will get. When you have guests with no ride who have been drinking, it is important to find them an alternate mode of transportation or give them a place to stay for the night. This will ensure that they do not cause an accident by drinking and...

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How To Plan A Great Event For Your Company’s Christmas Party

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Are you in charge of planning your company’s Christmas party this year? If you are, you don’t have a minute to lose, as Christmas is right around the corner. Of course, sending invitations via email is one way to put the word out. However, most people love receiving personal mail, so sending invitations through the postal system will make the event more special from the very beginning. Don’t forget to indicate what the dress for the event will be, and get RSVPs so you’ll know how many to plan for. Secure A Location – If you have a large enough room right at your workplace, you’ve got it made. If not, where you hold your event will depend on the size of your group. If you have a large group, renting a banquet hall would be ideal, but you’ll have to act fast to secure a reservation. Often hotels have banquet halls and restaurants. That would be perfect, as your meal could be catered by the hotel restaurant. If your group is small, consider having it at a restaurant, and finding one that has separate rooms for groups. Another idea is to have the event at somebody’s home. There’s something cozy and special about getting together in a home that is already decorated for the holidays. If you do have the party at somebody’s home, it would still be great to have it catered.  The Activities – While part of the fun is just getting to mingle with friends and coworkers, some planned activities will be enjoyable, too. One game involves passing an orange from person to person, but no hands can touch the orange. Another good one would be musical chairs. If you want a similar game that’s not quite as active, think about one where everybody gets in a circle. You pass an object, say a party hat, from person to person while the music goes. Whoever is holding the object when the music stops is out of the game.  Some other ideas might include hiring a professional comedian or magician to perform. Hiring a DJ or having live music for dancing would make your event especially memorable. Don’t forget to choose a Master of Ceremonies for your event, and don’t forget to take pictures which can be posted on a bulletin board at work. Contact a company that specializes in corporate parties, like Bowlerama, for more...

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