Jan 27, 2017

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Got Game? How To Show It To The World

If you love video games, and you have some mad gaming skills, you are not alone. If you also are a self-proclaimed expert at a particular game, game series and/or platform, you might want to show others how to play something like a pro. Tips and tricks are a great way to show off what you can do, what you know and share your love of gaming. Here are some ways in which you can do that.

YouTube Videos

Everybody and anybody with a video camera or phone camera can shoot amateur video and share it on YouTube. This, and a few other video sharing websites, can set the stage for your daily broadcast of gaming expertise. You can even set up your own channel for others to access, either for free or paid viewing.

Your Personal Gaming “Vlog”

Other people have blogs on the web, and some even do “vlogs.” Essentially, you do the same thing as you would for video sharing sites, except that you have your very own website with your own domain name and address. A vlog needs constant maintenance and updates, not just video posts and updates about your favorite games and game systems. For this reason, it is not typically a preferred method of sharing your gaming expertise unless you approach your vlog like it is a full-time job.

Live Video Game Streaming

Live video game streaming allows you to set up a date and time for live video game streaming of your play. You promote it and invite others to watch, and invite them to invite others to watch. Everyone has to login with a special passcode to watch you play and comment live. There are also some video game streaming sites that allow you to accept challenges from other players, play head-to-head, and stream your game for others to watch.

Video Game Forums and Clubs Via Your Internet-Connected Game System

Video game systems, such as Playstation and Xbox, are connected to the internet and a wide variety of gamer sites and gamer forums. If you join these clubs and sites through your game system, you can easily record your game play and voice-over comments, then upload the videos to these sites/club pages. Many times, these game systems offer live action contests and challenges, which allow players to view and vote on their favorite tips and tricks videos made by other players. The video game broadcast voting is one definite way of gaining recognition for your gaming skills and abilities.

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