Dec 17, 2016

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Put Down The Controller: What You Need To Consider When Setting Video Game Time Limits

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your guests entertained at your next party or event, consider renting a gaming truck. Gaming trucks have everything you and your party guests for a little friendly competition. Choose from multiple consoles and a variety of great games while relaxing in a temperature controlled space.

It is helpful to set time limits so that each guest gets a chance to play in the gaming truck. However, the time limits should be reasonable so that they promote, rather than hinder, gaming fun. Take into account the following items to make sure your time limits make sense.

Whether or Not the Game Offers the Possibility for Online Play

In addition to the single player option, some video games have the option for online multiplayer play. Once an online match starts, expect the match to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the game.

Switching players during the middle of a match isn’t feasible for most games and can limit the players’ enjoyment. Instead, see that your time limits match up with the time required for online matches. Or, instead of a time restriction, you could limit players to playing one match at a time.

Games with online play may have a waiting period to allow other players to join so that the match is as close to the maximum capacity as possible. If the game has this waiting period, add a couple of extra minutes to the playing time, or go with the match limit instead.

Load Times Cut Into the Amount of Game Play

When playing a video game, the load times decrease the amount of time that gamers are able to spend actually enjoying the game. This is especially true for games with the online multiplayer mode. Slow internet speeds and gaming network glitches also contribute to longer than normal load times.

The Capacity of the Gaming Truck and the Estimated Attendance of Your Event

You may have flashbacks of gaming as a child when you had to wait for what felt like an eternity for your sibling to finish so that you could have a turn. Fortunately, gaming trucks have revolutionized group gaming thanks to their large capacity. If the weather is nice at your event, you can even expand this capacity by hiring a gaming truck with the option for exterior play. 

With so much space, you can institute longer playing limits, especially if no other guests are waiting to use the gaming truck. For more information on gaming trucks, check with companies like Out of Control Gaming.

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