May 16, 2016

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3 Considerations For Your Wedding Reception Venue

After you and your new spouse exchange vows, it is time for the reception. Unfortunately, the memory of a beautiful wedding can be ruined with a bad reception. The venue for your reception plays a major role in how favorable guests view the event. When searching for the venue, here are some factors to keep in mind. 

Is It Large Enough?

When you are narrowing down your choices for the wedding reception halls, you will be given the room capacity for the venues. Never book a hall based solely on the estimated capacity.

The capacity takes into account how many people can reasonably fit into the area. What it does not account for is everything else that goes with your wedding reception, such as the tables, DJ booth, and dance floor. Once you fit all of those items into the hall, the room for your guests can dramatically shrink.

There are a couple of ways you can ensure you have enough room for your guests. One is to pull out your measuring tape and measure everything, including the tables and serving area. 

An easier way is to ask the director of the reception hall if you can peek at a reception setup of comparable size. Be sure to select a reception that has as many guests as you plan to have. 

Do the Colors Clash?

You have probably spent a lot of time choosing just the right colors for your wedding and reception. Unfortunately, if the d├ęcor in the reception hall is very different from those colors, it can cause a conflict that takes away from the mood that you wanted to create. 

To avoid this conflict, pay attention to the coloring of the flooring, walls, and curtains. If the colors are muted, then they most likely will not cause a clash. If they are bolder, consider contracting for a different venue.  

What Amenities Are Available?

As charming as you and your new spouse will be, your guests need more than just basic decorations to stay engaged in the festivities. Bored and unhappy guests tend to leave early. It is because of this, you need to ensure the venue you select has amenities available. 

Amenities can include the standard fare, such as an on-site caterer and clean restrooms. It can also extend to more modern offerings, such as Wi-Fi and charging stations. If an amenity is not available, you can research the possibility of bringing it in temporarily for your reception or consider a new location.  For more ideas, talk to a professional like Azales Event Facility.

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